Mail-In Voting


***Now, anyone can choose Mail-In Voting. No reason, no excuse needed.***

STEP 1 – DO THIS FIRST. Check whether you’re already signed up for Mail-In Voting in November. (Hint: You might have ticked the box when you applied for a Mail-In Ballot for the Primary. Click HERE

  • If you’ve already applied for a mail-in ballot, you’ll see “Pending” in the “Status” field.
  • If you haven’t already applied, you’ll see a message that says “We are unable to match your information with our records.”

STEP 2 – APPLY for a Mail-In Ballot: Click HERE

STEP 3 – RETURN YOUR BALLOT ASAP.  To check whether it has been received by the Board of Elections, Click HERE. If it has not been received, and you’ve run out of time, you may still show up at the polls and vote by Provisional Ballot.



Check if you’re registered / check what party you’re registered as: Click HERE

Register to vote / Change your registration: Click HERE