Who’s on the Ballot in 2021?

Which Offices Are Up For Election?

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Build your ballot/learn more about the candidates at http://www.vote411.org (Voters Guide from the League of Women Voters).

  • Langhorne Manor Borough  (More about Jenna, Christopher, and Patrick below)
    • Borough Council – Christopher Lukose & Jenna Demirjian (vote for both)
    • Mayor
    • Auditor – Patrick Mundy (incumbent) & Kathleen Rowen Clayton (vote for both)
    • Judge of Elections
    • Inspector of Elections – Lynn Barry (incumbent)
    • Tax Collector
    • Constable
  • Bucks County Row Offices
  • Judges
    • PA Supreme Court (1 seat)
    • PA Superior Court (1 seat)
    • PA Commonwealth Court (2 seats)
    • Bucks Common Pleas Court (1 seat) – Tiffany Thomas Smith (endorsed)

Langhorne Manor Borough Council Member (Vote for BOTH)

4 YR TERM.  The Borough Council is the governing body for the borough.  A borough council member oversees the provision of borough services, enacts ordinances and sets the borough budget and taxes.

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Jenna Demirjian (Dem) Registered Dietitian and Program Coordinator for The School District of Philadelphia’s SNAP-Ed Nutrition and Wellness Program.

Experience: My 20 years working to increase food access and healthy behaviors in low-income communities has given me skills in effective communication, team building, grant writing, and project management.

Education: BS in Nutrition and Food Science, Drexel University. Dietetic Certification, University of Delaware.

Email address: jenmarie703@gmail.com

Why are you running for this office? First and foremost, I am passionate about giving back to my community — my neighbors are my family. Raised in Bucks County, I chose to raise my own family in Langhorne Manor. The relationships I have built in the Manor over the years help me to incorporate different viewpoints and work effectively with many different contingencies. I have learned that compassion, combined with standing up for what I believe, is the key to finding solutions and getting things done. I am excited because I know I can make a difference as the voice for young families and those in need. My advocacy work has taught me the value of speaking out against injustice, no matter how uncomfortable, and what better place to bring those skills than to my own community.

What do you consider to be the most important issues facing your community, and how do you propose to address them? Langhorne Manor has made some great strides in the past couple of years, moving us forward towards increased openness, service activities, and community involvement. There is still much work to be done, however, and I know I can help.I envision our community moving towards more borough-sponsored outreach events, increased dialogue and relationship-building with our police officers, and closer collaboration between our council, mayor, police force, and the community. I think all of these groups and individuals have so much to offer, which is only amplified when we work together.I also see the need for including the viewpoints and skillsets of more community members when making decisions that affect the entire borough. We are stronger when we work together, and it is the job of borough council to reach out to the community to encourage and welcome their involvement.

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Christopher Lukose (Dem) Customer Success Manager

Experience: Customer Success Manager, Cellebrite. Vice Chair, Langhorne Manor Democrats. 15+ years in client relationship and team management

Education: Bachelors in Computer Science, Rutgers University

Email address: christopherlukose@outlook.com

Campaign Phone: (484) 848-7900

Website: https://langhornemanordemocrats.wordpress.com/

Why are you running for this office? With the advent of two Democrats (Alicia Gasparovic and Grace Judge) gaining seats on Langhorne Manor’s council, and witnessing first-hand the impact they had, I wanted to provide them with the support needed to continue the mission of responsibility and transparency. We’re migrating away from doing things because “that’s how we’ve always done it” to having accountability and ensuring that everyone follows the same set of rules. I see the qualities that make the Manor an amazing place to live, and want to make sure that I am doing what’s needed to keep that ethos in place while also providing the best experience for our residents.

What do you consider to be the most important issues facing your community, and how do you propose to address them? A resistance to change and to forming stronger ties to our neighboring boroughs and townships is holding back our ability to grow and provide better services and infrastructure. Council members should be constantly learning and seeking new ways to improve our residents’ lives, and I believe that establishing closer relationships with leadership from other areas within Bucks County can bring benefits to everyone. 



Langhorne Manor Borough Auditor (2 YR TERM & 6 YR TERM) Vote for BOTH

Auditors shall audit, adjust and settle the accounts of the tax collectors, the magisterial district judge and all officers of the borough. They audit, adjust and settle the accounts of any person, corporation, association, organization, committee or commission receiving or expending borough or township funds. Audit and report to the council or township board, upon the accounts of every officer of the borough, upon the death, resignation, removal or expiration of the term of the officer. 

Source:  Act 37 of 2014/Title 8 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes

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Patrick Mundy (Dem) – 2 year term – Corporate Controller, CPA

Experience: Auditor at major public accounting firm 13+ years. Experience auditing Fortune 500 multinational corporations, including 2-year international audit assignment in Paris, France. Corporate Controller.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, St. Joseph’s University (cum laude and Division I soccer)

Email address: patmundyauditor@gmail.com

Why are you running for this office? My family and I really enjoy living in Langhorne Manor and I want to help our special community in any way that I can. I’m running for this particular office because my professional experiences have provided me with a strong background to make a difference for the community in this position. I’ve served as an auditor of Langhorne Manor for the past 2 years and have made significant improvements to the quality of the audit to ensure that the financial statements are accurate, timely, and fully transparent for the residents and their tax dollars. I’m approachable, easy to work with, extremely committed to my work, and will continue to always do the right thing for the Manor.

Kathleen Rowen Clayton (Dem) – 6 year term – Small business owner

Experience: Bookkeeping, billing, settling of accounts, including for top-tier law firms and government.

Email address: lakekathyrowen@gmail.com

Why are you running for this office? Kathy understands the value of our assets and the need for accountability. She believes in working across party lines for the good of our community.